Writing a Doctoral Dissertation

Writing a Doctoral Dissertation

How to Write Your Dissertation

Coming up with a strong argument when writing your dissertation is not an easy task. In fact, you do not need to necessarily start from the beginning but rather, writing your introduction after completing your dissertation ensures that your argument is well developed. In addition to this, a dissertation is very lengthy. How to write a dissertation predominantly depends on how well you lay your thoughts and putting together the same in a communicable manner. Each person has a unique style of writing. However, your style of writing determines the success of your paper which means that you have to get acquainted with dissertation format and probably some sample dissertation papers. During research, you find that you have to revisit various reference materials and scholarly articles in an attempt to develop a strong argument. In view of this, it is important to note that careful planning is of great importance in dissertation writing. First, there is the universal format accepted for dissertation papers even though this format is not limited to the features contained in it. The structure of a dissertation is as follows

The title page see (hot to write a cover page)

Dissertation Abstract (see how to write a dissertation abstract)

Dissertation introduction see (how to write a dissertation introduction)

Literature reviews see (how to write a literature review)

Dissertation methodology sees (how to write dissertation methodology)

Discussion and findings (how to write findings and results)

Conclusions see (how to write a conclusion)

How to develop a dissertation argument

When coming up with a dissertation topic, there are various ways of analyzing whether your topic is viable. Ask yourself this

Is this topic worth researching about?

What is the most appropriate way of researching the topic?

Which method of analysis is most applicable and appropriate in the research?

Are my interpretations and conclusion of the research reasonable?

Dissertation writing requires a lot of analysis for other experts in related fields to build your argument. This may involve critiquing what has already been argued. You can either choose to oppose or reinforce an existing hypothesis through your research. The most important thing in dissertation writing is to have a draft before preparing your final copy for submission. Having a draft before preparing the final dissertation makes it easier for you to streamline your research and improve on your argument. In addition, you can be able to clear signposting by showing or illustrating how each of your dissertation chapters are related to each other. Most importantly, you must ensure that each of your dissertation articles justifies its inclusion. While this is important in dissertation writing, most instructors will direct you on the number of words you are supposed to have for your dissertation. Ensure that your dissertation is approximately the given number of words and avoid going way above or below the word count.

The same way it is difficult to write a dissertation is the same way it is to stop writing the dissertation. Some students don’t know just when to stop. Sometimes you want to stop but a part of you tells you that the research is not enough or the dissertation is too wordy. Here is how to know when to stop. You need to divert your attention towards critically looking at what you have written so far. Read your dissertation over and over, make sure that you understand what each chapter is trying to justify and above all, ensure that there are no grammar mistakes. Use as many references as possible as this is a clear indication that you did a lot of analysis on your dissertation. The reason why dissertations are allocated ample time for completion is because of the level of research that is required during the writing process, use this time appropriately.